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May 1, 2023

Staying safe and compliant

It takes a village
Ann Dahan-Vermaanen

Working for a customer-centric cybersecurity vendor, my team and I see proof every day of just how much our customers, our partners, other vendors and ourselves are all inextricably bound together as we strive to contribute to a safer world. Does that sound pompous? Let me clarify what a safer world means for our ecosystem:

  1. One where our colleagues and collaborators benefit from a platform where they can work well and without fear
  2. A place where every consumer, every user can be served well and be encouraged to progress
  3. A world that holds promise for the digital practices of future generations


I firmly believe that vendors need to work together to make this happen! Many years of experience with helping customers to become and stay compliant has made this a priority in everything I do. Three best practices I recommend:

  • Knowledge is power! Keeping customers in compliance and safe is a huge yet joint responsibility. When compliance is not appropriately addressed, both parties – vendor and customer - pay the price. Before any other initiative, communication is key for efficient renewal of software licenses. In order to get useful information to our customers, together with our channel organization we are rigorous about timing and regularity. Not only does the right information need to flow at the right time; it has to be sent via all the channels that our customers are attentive to.
  • Less is more! Most organizations have a large number of solutions and almost as many software suppliers. To optimize security management it’s advisable to keep vendor lists short and prefer those that can deliver a platform with multiple solutions and reduced software management.
  • Stay in the game! Who wants to go to war wearing a bulletproof vest with big holes in it? That’s what you get if your software is out of compliance and you are not receiving the latest updates.

Reach out if you want to review and discuss your security strategy, your renewal or both. My team and I are here to help you simplify security and contribute to making the world a safer place!

Ann Dahan-Vermaanen


Ann Dahan-Vermaanen joined Forcepoint in 2021 as the EMEA Director of Renewals, bringing with her valuable experience at scaling best practices in the renewal business. She has lived and worked in several different countries and speaks an...

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