January 5, 2021

Looking Back at December’s To The Point Cybersecurity Podcast Episodes

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In December, To The Point Cybersecurity podcast featured discussions with government cyber leaders on topics like security in the cloud, the quarantine marathon, the Sunburst breach and 2021 government cybersecurity predictions.

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We welcome you to listen (or to watch) specific episodes, or better yet, to subscribe to our podcast. Here's a quick summary of the podcasts we had in December. 

Confessions of a Financial CISO - Ep. 106

Ross Young shares his journey when he first discovered he wanted a career in cyber, to his exciting "pirate" days at the CIA as a financial CISO. He reveals the top three things that’ll make the biggest impact on your organization's cybersecurity and his top cybersecurity read.


The Cloud, Is It Really Secure? Ep. 107

Trish Cagliostro, Head of Business Development for Security of Worldwide Public Sector for Security Services at Amazon Web Services (AWS). She explains how really secure Cloud security is and how threat intelligence factors in and her Cloud wish for the future.


Dave McDonald The Crisis CIO, Marathon Mode Part 1 - Ep. 109 Dave McDonald The Crisis CIO, Marathon mode Part 2 - Ep. 110

Shortly after the US went into COVID 19 Quarantine Dave McDonald, Navy Telecommunications, Information Technology and Cyber Operations joined us to discuss what we have learned from the COVID19 crisis and how it will better prepare us for future crisis. 8 months later we touch base.


Special Episode: Sunburst Breach with Dmitri Alperovitch co-founder of CrowdStrike - Ep 111

Dmitri Alperovitch, Co-Founder and former CTO of CrowdStrike, joins us to discuss recent breaches in over 18,000 organizations, known by many names: Sunburst, Solorgate, Dark Halo, UNC2452. Dmitri is a renowned computer security visionary and has served as a special advisor to the Department of Defense. He revealed Russian intelligence agencies’ hacking of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and brought to light Operation Aurora—the greatest transfer of wealth in history. 


2021 Insights And Predictions, Part I - Ep. 112

2021 Insights And Predictions Part 2 - Ep. 113

We review 2020's top government cybersecurity trends, starting with Cozy Bear. We then look forward to what we think the big trends for 2021 will be with Mike Gruss, Executive Editor, Defense News, and C4ISRNETand  Phil Goldstein Sr. editor for FedTech and StateTech.


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