Emerson Process Management Finds and Controls Regulated Data with Forcepoint

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Emerson Process Management was able to get started with Data Loss Prevention up to 75% faster than expected, delivering better visibility to data movement, more effective detection and breach prevention, and regulatory compliance with Forcepoint DLP.


  • Policies that were too complicated and too much headcount was required to maintain them.
  • Data exfiltration left the organization exposed.
  • Need to control and manage data that’s subject to regulation.


  • Chose Forcepoint DLP to help easily find and control regulated data and sensitive IP by:
    • Scanning files and discovering data they didn’t know existed.
    • Setting data loss prevention policies across network and endpoint one time, from a single console.


  • Better visibility to data movement within the business, and more effective detection and prevention of breaches.
  • Gained the ability to ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Forcepoint DLP’s ability to automate policy enforcement based on user behavior:
    • Provided one-time-only user access.
    • Minimized disruption to users.
    • Lowered the call volume to support.
  • Helped the company get started with data loss prevention 50-75% faster than expected.

“We’ve experienced better management of resources.”
 - Stephanie Yabes, IT Professional, Emerson Process Management

Customer Profile

Emerson Process Management is a leading supplier of process management products and solutions.