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UCI Protects Customer Personal and Financial Data with Forcepoint NGFW

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Financial Services



UCI’s mission is to help people become homeowners through providing responsible mortgages tailored to customer needs. The institution’s number one priority is safeguarding sensitive customer information and, with the advent of new GDPR regulations, it turned to Forcepoint to bolster its network protection.


  • Safeguard sensitive personal and financial data to protect customers and comply with GDPR. 
  • Enable safe and efficient connectivity across devices and locations. 


  • Deploy Forcepoint NGFW and the Forcepoint cloud proxy solution with centralized management to minimize security risks and reduce manual solution management. 
  • Integrate into UCI’s existing SIEM systems to help detect company policy infractions. 


  • Security policies are applied consistently across devices and locations, extending protection to mobile, global users. 
  • Reliable, flexible connectivity has decreased downtime and reduced cost. 
  • Ability to make security policy changes in a more agile way has reduced management time and increased department productivity. 

"Forcepoint NGFW firewalls help us protect our most valuable asset: customer information. Now the IT department is able to undertake new projects and bring greater value to the company.”
- José Antonio Borreguero, Director of IT, UCI

Customer Profile

UCI provides financial services to homebuyers in four European countries.