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Vidant Health Protects Surgeries and Patient Safety with Forcepoint




United States

With Forcepoint Next Generation Firewalls, the security team at Vidant Health created secure network segment to protect robotic surgical units, allowing the hospital to focus on patient safety while minimizing technological concerns.


  • A lack of or inefficient one-to-many device provisioning and difficulty maintaining policy consistency across firewalls.
  • Patient exposure to advanced network threats during robotic surgery.


  • Selected Forcepoint NGFW due to
    • Top security ranking on NSS Labs NGFW and NGIPS reports.
    • Ability to locally implement firewalls without an onsite technician.
    • High-availability clustering of up to 16 different devices.
    • Strong IPS and anti-evasion defenses.
    • Interactive visual dashboards for 360° visibility across entire network.

“By providing a truly redundant system we are able to maintain operational health and reduce service interruption. Not a single surgery has been postponed due to a network security issue.”

Patrick Williams
Engineer, Vidant Health
Customer Profile

Vidant Health is a not-for-profit, 1,447-bed hospital system that serves more than 1.4 million people in Eastern North Carolina.