Avril 2, 2024

Spotlight On Series – Understanding Data Security Everywhere

Tim Herr

Have you been following our Spotlight On video series recently? Clocking in at under five minutes apiece, these bite-size instructional reels shed light on the shifting cybersecurity landscape and explain how Forcepoint products block threats and prevent exfiltration and loss of sensitive data.


While the first five episodes addressed how to contain the specific risks associated with generative AI tools, the second batch of videos focuses on the nuts and bolts of Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and on the innovative strategic approach known as Data Security Everywhere.

Taking the reins from generative AI subject matter expert Jason Kemmerer, solutions architect team leader Erik Scoralick takes viewers under the hood of Forcepoint Enterprise DLP and the Forcepoint ONE platform to explain how DLP solutions handle your data. You’ll learn how to respond to a data breach and how to prevent future breaches from occurring, while details on the inner workings of DLP help to inform your data security strategy moving forward.

Zoom in on the mechanics of DLP and Data Security Everywhere

Browse the episodes below to jump in wherever you’re most interested and advance your understanding of data security best practices. In Episode 6, Erik outlines the comprehensive Data Security Everywhere approach and discusses Forcepoint Enterprise DLP capabilities including advanced classifiers and data fingerprinting.


Episode 7 offers a program for rapidly identifying and mitigating data breaches, along with steps to take to prevent future incidents.


In Episode 8, Erik delves into the complex processes of data discovery and inventory with emphasis on the needs of large organizations with multiple data sources.


Episode 9 identifies the “three pillars” of data security and gives advice on how organizations can apply these concepts to manage and control data.


How does DLP work to identify and classify different types of data? Erik provides the answers to your questions in Episode 10.



Future-proof your security strategy with Data Security Everywhere

Have you seen enough to be interested in the comprehensive protection that Data Security Everywhere provides? For more details, download the Practical Guide to Data Security Everywhere – or talk to an expert now to request a customized demo. You owe it to yourself to streamline your security operations and shield your organization from the financial, legal and reputational harm of a data breach.

Tim Herr

Tim serves as Brand Marketing Copywriter, executing the company's content strategy across a variety of formats and helping to communicate the benefits of Forcepoint solutions in clear, accessible language.

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