Spotlight On Video Series


Forcepoint shines a spotlight on the latest in Cybersecurity tips, technology, and education

Spotlight On the Latest Topics
Episode 1: The New Challenge of Shadow IT
Jason Kemmerer teaches secure use of generative AI tools, safeguarding businesses from risks. Chat prompts and file uploads pose data security threats, and his guidance helps organizations move from chaos to control with AI. 
Episode 2: Restrict Access and Allow Usage
Daily, new generative AI use cases emerge, flooding the market with solutions. Jason Kemmerer guides on distinguishing safe from risky platforms, advising when to restrict or allow generative AI usage in the organization. 
Episode 3: Monitor and Prevent Risky Activity
Discover how to automate tracking and prevent risky behavior in organizations. Jason Kemmerer explains using DLP rules and IRM policies to monitor data interactions, ensuring compliance and safeguarding sensitive information in a video. 
Episode 4: Manage Content
Jason Kemmerer explores securing Generative AI tools like ChatGPT and Bard. Learn content management strategies for safeguarding intellectual property and unstructured data in this video. 
Episode 5: Control Behavior
Join host Jason Kemmerer to discover how Risk-Adaptive Protection safeguards organizational data from AI risks. Explore automated policies, personalized enforcement, and in-session training for secure information handling. 
Episode 6: What is Data Security Everywhere?
Learn how Forcepoint's Enterprise DLP solution combines advanced classifiers, data fingerprinting, and robust enforcement settings. 
Episode 7: How Do I Respond to a Data Breach?
Learn the crucial steps to responding a data breach and steps to avoid breaches in the future.
Episode 8: How Does Data Discovery & Inventory Work?
Learn how these tools create a centralized repository, classify data based on sensitivity, scan for specific content, extract information from scanned documents, and ensure authorized access.