Spotlight On Episode 15

What is Data Security Posture Management? 

Get to know a new kind of security solution and discover what it can do for your organization in the newest installment of our “Spotlight On” series. Cybersecurity expert Chris Morris provides answers to the question, “What Is Data Security Posture Management?”  

In this video, you’ll gain insight into what Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) is, how it differs from other data security solutions and why it should be part of your organization’s security strategy. Chris walks you through the range of capabilities leveraged by DSPM, including: 

  • Data discovery and classification
  • Risk assessment 
  • Access and permissions management 
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) 

You’ll learn why DSPM offers a more holistic approach to proactive data security, expertly identifying sensitive data throughout your organization but not stopping there. Chris also explains the role played by AI in identifying the context of sensitive documents and boosting the accuracy of classification efforts. 

The video covers DSPM’s ability to identify ROT (Redundant, Outdated or Trivial) data in order to purge it and cut down on data risks. And you’ll hear about DSPM’s remediation activities that can rapidly improve your security posture while saving on labor and costs. 

Keep an eye out for more installments in the “Spotlight On” series, kicking off a detailed presentation of the “5 Steps to Data Security Everywhere.” And visit to find more helpful resources about DSPM and other data security topics. 

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