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Spotlight On Episode 8

How Does Data Discovery & Inventory Work?

Unravel the intricacies of data discovery and inventory in our latest in Forcepoint’s Spotlight On video series with Eric Scoralick. Join Eric to explore the essential process of identifying, cataloging, and comprehending an organization's entire data landscape. This fundamental aspect of data governance holds the key to transformative benefits for organizations, fostering improved data quality, reduced silos, enhanced security and compliance, risk mitigation, and a maximized return on investment in data.

Delve into the complexities of data discovery and inventory, particularly for large organizations with multiple data sources. Discover the tools and techniques that automate and streamline this intricate process, including data cataloging, data classification, content inspection, optical character recognition (OCR), and permissions analysis. Learn how these tools create a centralized repository, classify data based on sensitivity, scan for specific content, extract information from scanned documents, and ensure authorized access. Join us for an enlightening exploration of data governance essentials.

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