Spotlight On Episode 10

How Does DLP Identify Data?

Dive into the intricate world of Data Loss Prevention (DLP) systems in this installment of Forcepoint’s Spotlight On series hosted by Erik Scoralick. Have you ever wondered how DLP identifies data and safeguards your organization from potential leaks? This video unveils the mechanisms behind how DLP identifies data. Data Loss Prevention system combines state-of-the-art cybersecurity technologies with AI-powered processes, automation, and security policies. Learn the intricacies of how DLP monitors data flow, classifies information based on criticality and potential risk, and employs various techniques to identify potential data breaches and suspicious activities. DLP systems identifies data: from real-time review of data streams that enables the immediate blocking of suspicious activities, to enhanced data capabilities that provide heightened visibility for IT teams to spot anomalous behavior. The discussion extends to how DLP solutions accelerate incident response by offering tools to track and report on data access and movement within the organization. Understand the nuances of DLP, how it identifies and protects your data against threats.

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