Spotlight On Episode 6

What is Data Security Everywhere?

This episode of the Spotlight On series hosted by Erik Scoralick covers the unparalleled protection of Forcepoint Data Security Everywhere. Data Security Everywhere is the comprehensive approach to data security which shields sensitive information across all channels including endpoints, websites, cloud services, networks, email, and private apps. Learn how Forcepoint's Enterprise DLP solution combines advanced classifiers, data fingerprinting, and robust enforcement settings. 

Discover how to meet the challenges of safeguarding data in a hybrid and multi-cloud environment, Data Security Everywhere offers a unified security policy applicable across all channels, regardless of data storage or access location. Simplify compliance enforcement and bolsters defenses against potential breaches. 

Explore the benefits:  

  • Comprehensive data protection  
  • Unified security policy  
  • Advanced classifiers and data fingerprinting  
  • Granular policy enforcement  
  • Simplified compliance 

Learn how Forcepoint Data Security Everywhere can be a game-changer for organizations of all sizes.  

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