Spotlight On Generative AI

Control Employee Access and Behavior

How do you keep organizational data secure from AI? Jason Kemmer shares how Risk-Adaptive Protection automatically adjusts data security policies to match – and protect against – risky user behavior. How do you control employee behavior within Gen AI? At Forcepoint, Risk-Adaptive Protection provides personalized and automated enforcement points for data security. The average user interacts with customer information, source code, and other sensitive information. Risky or anomalous behavior can flash warning signals, pushing security teams to manually update codes. But, Risk-Adaptive Protection enables in-session educational training (security hygiene). This type of enforcement can escalate to blocking or additional enforcement such as encryption based on the unique risk they represent, such as leaving the company for a new job.

Solutions for Keeping Data Secured from AI
Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
Industry-leading data security for web, cloud, email, network and endpoint.
Risk Adaptive Protection
Simplifying data security through personalized automation

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