Forcepoint Expands Visibility and Compliance for Cloud Applications with New Cybersecurity Analytics and Data Center Offerings

Virginia Satrom
May 22, 2017, 4:22 pm CDT

Human-centric cloud security solution for web, email and CASB provides reporting and context to address biggest risks and behaviors including "Shadow IT"

AUSTIN, Texas – May 24, 2017 – Global cybersecurity leader Forcepoint today extended its cloud security solutions with new software capabilities and data center offerings that accelerate the secure adoption of cloud applications. Forcepoint’s technology protects enterprise and government employees as well as critical business data and IP anywhere, including from advanced threats such as ransomware and phishing attacks.

Today’s announcement includes new cloud app discovery and risk assessment; DLP security analytics; advanced malware for CASB; and certified cloud service offering that increase GDPR compliance. These new cloud security enhancements and trusted global data centers enable customers to be fully cloud-deployed or to fold hybrid cloud and on-premises security into their business strategy. They bring visibility and risk reporting to potential incidents and technology deployed throughout an organization including “Shadow IT,” where data and cloud applications being used in the enterprise or agency may be the source of both innovation and risk.

According to a report by Heidi Shey, senior analyst for security and risk at Forrester Research, “Internal incidents top the list of breach causes in 2016 (at 41%), and the proportion of those that are malicious is rising. Even external attacks ultimately involved attackers targeting and taking advantage of insiders and using user authentication credentials.”1 And while security training and awareness programs go a long way toward preventing internal breaches, organizations often struggle to enforce policies against employees who adopt unsanctioned technology and data practices to maximize workplace efficiencies.

“We see the partnership growing between the CIO and CISO to implement solutions that securely enable the business shift to cloud computing while remaining in compliance with data privacy laws such as GDPR,” explained Kris Lamb, vice president and general manager of the Cloud Security business at Forcepoint. “By providing more visibility to applications and data on the network regardless of location, Forcepoint is delivering innovation and value that enables security teams to focus on high-risk employee behaviors required to protect all users throughout the enterprise.”

"Forcepoint’s focus on protecting the human point is a remarkable approach to cyber security and cloud computing,” said Jim Reavis, CEO, Cloud Security Alliance. “By providing context to user behavior in every corner of a global enterprise or government, Forcepoint is setting a new standard for human-centric security among the market leaders in the Cloud Security Alliance."

Available immediately from its global network of resellers and service provider partners, Forcepoint cyber innovations that accelerate the enterprise shift to cloud include:

  • Cloud app discovery and risk assessment included in Web Security – Integrating Forcepoint CASB technology, Forcepoint Web Security adds discovery and reporting of Shadow IT and users of unsanctioned applications. These reports on both apps and users provide details and risk rankings to eliminate a major enterprise security blindspot.
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Security Analytics for Web and Email - Incident Risk Ranking is now included with DLP for Web and Email (formerly DLP Module). Forcepoint applies machine learning to intelligently rank and classify security incidents across the cyber continuum of intent, including accidental leaks, broken business process or data theft. Security teams can proactively address issues and quickly prioritize responses for incidents linked to insider threats versus inadvertent user error. 
  • Advanced Malware Detection for CASB – Forcepoint CASB now supports the Advanced Malware Detection cloud service, offering sandboxing and behavioral analysis technology to uncover Zero-Day attacks, ransomware and other advanced threats hidden in cloud storage solutions such or Office 365 OneDrive.
  • Web Security appliances with SSL decryption mirror port – Organizations can lower capex and opex by using a single Forcepoint policy to securely send decrypted data to third-party passive security analysis tools to extend the value of existing IT investments.
  • Certified Cloud Service offering GDPR compliance controls – Forcepoint is the only security vendor that runs a dedicated Cloud Trust Program encompassing ISO 27001 and CSA STAR certifications with SOC attestations. Forcepoint recently added ISO 27018 certification to its trust program to provide a robust system of controls for privacy protection of personal data to enhance GDPR compliance. Customers can securely extend their infrastructure with 27 global data centers offering full IPSEC coverage including new sites now open in Milan, Stockholm, Warsaw and Toronto.

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Forcepoint is transforming cybersecurity by focusing on what matters most: understanding people’s intent as they interact with critical data and intellectual property wherever it resides. Our uncompromising systems enable companies to empower employees with unobstructed access to confidential data while protecting intellectual property and simplifying compliance. Based in Austin, Texas, Forcepoint supports more than 20,000 organizations worldwide. For more about Forcepoint, visit and follow us on Twitter at @ForcepointSec.

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What the Industry is Saying about Forcepoint Cloud Security

Benjamin Evans, IT Manager, Crediton Dairy, UK:

“Transforming our business has been a priority for our IT organization, and Forcepoint has helped us ensure that we are securely adopting cloud solutions. We have more visibility into our applications and users today, which has made our organization more efficient while ensuring our operations and employees are secure.”

Crediton Dairy, based in the heart of Devon in southern England, is a food and beverage manufacturer. 

Michael Meline, Principal/Co-founder at Cyber Self-Defense, U.S.:

“Security is never going to be 100 percent foolproof and is never “done”. We can make our environments so secure that no person can perform his or her job, but we can NEVER make it so secure that a hacker cannot get it; if the hacker is determined. However, it's important to use a layered approach that encompasses physical and cloud infrastructure. We recommend a people-based security program that leverages policies, risk management, training, and technical solutions to lower our clients’ risk. This approach is the only way a company can be successful in their information security endeavors. Forcepoint provides the behavioral analytics and intelligent systems to protect data wherever it resides.”

Cyber Self-Defense, LLC is the premiere cyber and information security company focused on education and awareness as the primary form of threat prevention.

Brian DiPaolo, Director of Strategic Services, Accudata Systems, U.S.:

“The complexity of today’s multi-cloud environments, where data might not remain in the cloud and can be easily moved to any device, requires solutions that protect users and data wherever they may be located. Our partnership with Forcepoint enables us to deliver value-added services together with technology innovation, such as cloud app reporting and risk ranking, to minimize the operational burden of threat protection and incident response.”

Accudata Systems is an IT consulting, security and integration firm with 35 years of experience providing high-impact infrastructure services and integrated solutions.

Amirtha Valavan A, Head of IT, Tafe, India:

“Forcepoint’s Incident Response Ranking allows me to take immediate action with security incidents on our network. The intelligence of Forcepoint’s analytics considers our policies and provides a score based on the user’s interaction with business-critical data to prioritize issues. This helps my team be more proactive on the most important security responses and efficient in understanding whether incidents are caused by malicious or inadvertent behavior.”

Tafe, based in Chennai, India, is the third-largest tractor manufacturer in the world.