Securing Your Virtual Environments in Microsoft Azure

Cloud-based services and virtual deployments are increasingly replacing traditional physical appliances and servers — transforming businesses of all shapes and sizes. To secure cloud environments, Forcepoint NGFW brings leading next generation firewall technology to Microsoft Azure or Azure Government cloud with the scalability, operational efficiency and strong security that Forcepoint NGFW is known for.

Securing Your Cloud – Inside and Out

Location Access

Cloud Edge Gateway

Forcepoint NGFW can protect Azure VMs for inbound and outbound access.

Enterprise-Grade Connectivity

Cloud VPN Gateway

Forcepoint NGFW can secure connectivity between Azure private clouds and corporate data centers.

Defend Networks

Network Segmentation

Forcepoint NGFW isolates traffic between VLANs, preventing propagation of threats within your cloud environment.

With Forcepoint NGFW, you can safely and easily extend your organization's network – including remote sites, branch offices, data centers and network edge – into your Azure cloud environment via a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) gateway.

Our centralized management enables you to create and deploy policies swiftly and consistently across all of your systems and to quickly zero in on what's happening in both your Azure environment and your physical network.

Solution Brief
Learn more about how Forcepoint NGFW is deployed within Microsoft Azure with this solution brief.

Cloud Integration

Key Capabilities

Centralized management that provides seamless visibility across both virtual and physical environments.
Flexibility for supporting DevOps deployments in Hybrid environment.
Superior performance in hybrid deployments.
Smart, centralized policy mechanism that enables fast, accurate, and consistent policy changes across physical, virtual and cloud deployment options.
Network access control between different private clouds.