Global brands and market innovators must protect their business-critical, sensitive data against accidental data loss, compromised users and malicious insiders. Forcepoint DLP provides security focused on people’s interaction with data, including in creation, storage, email, webmail, personal devices and cloud applications.

The industry’s most complete data protection platform, Forcepoint DLP is recognized as a market leader by industry analysts for its robust coverage of data discovery, endpoint control, network enforcement and extension into cloud applications. Forcepoint DLP is instrumental for organizations with an obligation to meet regulatory and industry compliance requirements, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Industry Analyst Report

Gartner: Critical Capabilities for Enterprise Data Loss Prevention 2017

Industry Analyst Report

Gartner 2017 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Data Loss Prevention

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Platform Components

DLP Discover

Understand where critical business IP and personal data exists at rest across your organization.

DLP Endpoint

Protect data in use, both on and off the corporate network, with data fingerprinting on Apple macOS and Microsoft Windows systems.

DLP Cloud Applications

Gain visibility and control over data at rest, in motion or in use across popular enterprise cloud applications, including Box and Office 365.

DLP Network

Monitor critical data flows and prevent data loss via critical communications channels (eg., email, web, instant messenger and network printing) with either a dedicated Protector appliance or integration with Forcepoint Web and Email Security gateways.


Fast Track Compliance
Templates, guided workflows and reports for specific industries and regulations from over 60 countries worldwide.
Confidently Secure Cloud Applications
Extend data protection to cloud applications like Office 365, Box and more
Complete Data Protection Across Endpoints, Networks and Cloud Apps
Unified data policies applied wherever people create and interact with data
Automate Your Data Protection Program
Advanced analytics and risk scoring put the focus on your greatest threats and incident orchestration accelerates the response