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Forcepoint Insider Threat

Insider Threat

Anticipate insider threats to proactively defend your organization

Why Forcepoint Insider Threat?

Critical forensics for context and analysis

Use a rich history of user actions, multiple screen capture and replay to understand the context needed to prove or disprove malicious intent.
Enable deep analysis and complete visibility including detailed timelines to understand attributable events and 30-day risk trends.
Preserve privacy by restricting access to select privileged users and anonymizing data to prevent biases.

Our Customers

Why organizations are choosing Forcepoint

“Forcepoint Insider Threat is a great investigation tool because it captures the video of what someone does and you can use it for evidence after a breach and say, right there, this is what you did, we can prove it ... FIT has saved us many times.”

Defense Contractor

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Chris Puderbaugh Senior Principal Solutions Architect
Chris Puderbaugh Senior Principal Solutions Architect
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