Forcepoint unveils digital transformation acceleration strategy with new converged cybersecurity solutions & partner ecosystem.


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Protecting the Workforce and the Extended Enterprise

Guard your valuable assets from insider theft and sabotage

Only Forcepoint understands intent

Forcepoint focuses on behavior to identify high-risk activity while SIEMs only focus on event logs.

Quickly understand your risky users

Leverage out of the box models for scenarios such as Data Exfiltration, Malicious and Compromised Users, Illicit Behavior, and others.

Capture rich forensic data

Evidence-backed investigation provides a clear picture of actions using deep collection methods.

Forcepoint understands insider threats

Dynamically adjust and automate enforcement based on user risk

Only Forcepoint dynamically adjusts enforcement when presented with elevated risk of of potential theft

Use all the data that already exists

Leverage the broadest set of non-security data sources to complement existing security tools, allowing faster insight into changes in behavior

Quickly and efficiently investigate

Gain granular visiblity into high risk behavior with sequential activity across a timeline to paint a picture of intent

Enterprise security that extends to contractors, partner, and temporary workers

Providing early visibility into abnormal behavior by understanding the routines of temporary workers, partners and contractors

Perform context and content-rich incident response

Enable transparent investigations with advanced analytics such as machine learning and artificial intelligence that are tuned towards specific behaviors

Forcepoint makes it easier to proactively identify insider risk

Protect the organization by increasing diagnostic sensitivity to identify insider risk at the earliest point of detection

Prevent insider sabotage and theft

Preventing loss and operational disruption by utilizing the entire IT ecosystem for an unparalleled view into user activities.

Prevent data loss from insiders and compromised users

Automated enforcement based on increased behavioral risk protects the organization, contractors, and business partners.

Extends security to contract workers and partners

Managing risk extends beyond your data and IT assets to the broader partner ecosystem.

Start an Insider Threat Program

To accelerate threat mitigation, you need a robust insider threat program that can manage and address sophisticated threats.

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