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Insider Threat Solutions

The biggest risk to your data comes from within. Are you prepared to uncover internal threats ahead of loss?

People are your greatest asset. And your greatest risk.

Forcepoint combines visibility and analytics to help you understand how users interact with critical data and
stop risky behaviors “left of loss”. 

Stop the bad and free the good

Mitigate risk with granular policies that don’t hinder employee access and productivity. 

Simplify investigations with user risk scoring

Forcepoint customers reduce investigation triage time by an average of 70%. 

20+ years experience

Government agencies and enterprise organizations alike choose Forcepoint’s insider threat solution.


Advanced solutions to stop insider threats at the earliest point of detection

Forcepoint Insider Threat
Unrivaled visibility into user behavior to protect IP and detect threats from within 
Forcepoint Behavioral Analytics
Proactively identify and monitor high-risk behavior to drive better policy enforcement 

“Forcepoint’s portfolio of security products makes it easy to secure against external and internal threats because our employees don’t even see or feel the security protecting the company.” 

Defense Contractor

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