Game On! Insider Risk vs. Security Culture with Dr. Maria Bada

About This Episode

Closing out Insider Threat Awareness Month with us is Dr. Maria Bada, Ph.D., a Lecturer in Cyberpsychology at Queen Mary University in London and a RISCS Fellow in cybercrime. Maria shares insights on the insider risk challenge through a human-centric lens and the criticality of educational awareness, transparency, and training (Note: check out AwareGo!) to better mitigate the threat. When 98% of organizations are vulnerable to insider risks, and the “accidental” insider is the one most often reported, empowering employees with tools and knowledge to understand and be aware of the threats can really make a positive impact.

We also discuss the myriad profiles of functional insiders and promoting a culture of security impact. Also the power of positive vs punitive training (think fake phishing campaigns executed by internal security teams), and how we should start thinking about and addressing the growing social engineering threat.