Lance James, Even Soldiers Rest on Sundays

About this Episode

Buckle up for this week’s fast-paced podcast discussion with Lance James, CEO of Unit 221B (note: you get three guesses what this is a reference to –or, listen to the podcast to learn more!). Lance takes us on the wild ride of cyber history including his discovery of the Zeus malware in 2006. How the show Mr. Robot delved into the mind of the hacker. What it takes to understand the adversarial mindset of an attack, and the emergence of psyber (the intersection of data science, psychology, and cyber).

He also shares his perspective on the ongoing AI debate between AI + people and automated AI. The pendulum in dealing with the Internet Age and a cultural defense, and the importance of transparency. And training in how we protect and empower employees as the critical first line of defense and why soldiers rest on Sundays.