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Understanding Today’s Volunteer Cyber Army: Cyber Chaos and/or Cyber War?

About This Episode

Joining the podcast this week is Stefan Soesanto, Senior Researcher in the Cyberdefense Project with the Risk and Resilience Team at the Center for Security Studies (CSS) at ETH Zurich. He recently authored the excellent research report “IT Army of Ukraine” that examined in detail how it was stood up out of necessity for what many have called the ‘first cyberwar.’

Yet for an IT army that is neither truly military or civilian and largely operating in the grey, how do you manage a globally dispersed, largely volunteer ‘cyber army’ more than 300k strong? Stefan provides insights from his extensive research – the first of its kind to provide a comprehensive analysis of the IT Army’s structure, tasking, and ecosystem. It’s a fascinating discussion that also raises many questions on the implications ahead such as can a cyberwar ever truly end? Be sure to read Stefan’s research report to learn more.