How Do You Redefine Winning in Cybersecurity, When You Can't Win?

About This Episode

Cybersecurity is an industry rife with paradoxes and trying to get ahead of today’s vast threat landscape can feel like an endless loop of Penrose steps. This week’s guest Marilise de Villiers, co-founder and CEO of ROAR Consulting & Coaching shares insights on how to break the vicious cycle in an industry where the burn out struggle is real - particularly during the last year as the line between work and home vanished.

Marilise shares details for building a personal toolkit for success that not only helps individuals build resilience but can also help organizations shape cultures that support security-first mindsets that truly make your people the strongest front line of security defense. Key to success? Defining what good looks like and redefining winning in cybersecurity when winning is seemingly impossible. Visit Marilise’s site to learn more: https://www.marilise-de-villiers.com/find-your-roar