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Nicole Perlroth Replay - Someone Needs to Do Something, But Who?

About This Episode

Back from the archives! This week we're spotlighting one of our favorite episodes in Summer 2021 with The New York Times journalist Nicole Perlroth where she shares insights from her decade long research for her book “This Is How They Tell Me the World Ends” It previously ran as episode 138.

Nicole joins the podcast to discuss her decade-long journey covering cybersecurity and many terrifying discoveries navigating through the underbelly of the secretive cyberweapons market. She shares insights on the importance of making cyber understanding and awareness accessible to all audiences.

And she details the many challenges governments and society face today as cyberattacks continue to ratchet up in scope of disruption and financial rewards with no consequences as we collectively wait for “the big event” that will be the forcing function to drive needed investment, global cooperation, and changed behaviors to truly take some of the advantage out of attackers’ hands.