Bitcoin is Here to Stay (And it Would Like to Stop Being Blamed for Ransomware, Please)

About This Episode

Dive into the world of cryptocurrency with this week’s guest Jeff Roberts, executive editor at Decrypt and author of the book “Kings of Crypto: One Start-Up’s Quest to Take Cryptocurrency Out of Silicon Valley and On To Wall Street.” For those who are wondering, Jeff shares that cryptocurrency today is definitely mainstream. And while it is still a speculative investment - with big banks getting into the game it may not stay that way for long. (HINT: in the next 10 years, we just may have an FDIC version for cryptocurrency!)

However, there are many fantastic applications it can also be used for and countries such as the US/Silicon Valley, South Korea, Switzerland and even China are helping to drive this forward. (Did you know bitcoin is legal tender in El Salvador today?!) And for those interested in his follow-up book, it just may be about currency wars. Stay tuned for more. Learn more about “Kings of Crypto.”