Welcome to the Podcast, Petko! And Other Security Headlines...

About This Episode

This week we officially welcome Petko Stoyanov as the new co-host for the To The Point podcast. Petko shares his perspective on how he found his way to cyber, the origin of the name “Petko”, and differences in working in government and the private sector. We also discuss the state of the cybersecurity landscape and the ongoing challenge of attribution – which is really asking the question, “Who is smarter” in executing cyber attacks?

We dive into the latest security headlines on cybersecurity labels for IoT devices which Singapore started actively addressing a few years ago and has partnered with Finland and recently Germany. The US will start embracing security labels in 2023, on a voluntary basis at first, for the most vulnerable IoT devices such as routers and connected home cameras. Big implications here on the future of consumer IoT devices we’ll want to continue tracking in the year ahead.