What, Me Worry? When Ransomware Gangs Issue News Releases

About this Episode

Welcome to our first SPECIAL EPISODE where we cover breaking news as it happens. Today we catch up with Joe Uchill, senior reporter at SC Media, to discuss the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack and ransomware gangs making headlines this week and why we continue to see escalating attacks in frequency, ransom demands and high value targets such as critical infrastructure.

Joe shares insights from his many years reporting from the cyber front lines speaking with government, regulatory, industry and hacking groups on what it would take to decrease the financial incentive and increase the criminal risk to make ransomware an undesirable pursuit.

Spoiler alerts… ransomware gangs make mistakes and often hit “accidental” targets, regulating cryptocurrency is just as hard as it sounds, and while ransomware task forces can’t agree on the most effective solution(s) to mitigate ransomware, most agree global cooperation would be at the top of the list!