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Protecting Critical Data and Intellectual Property

Securing data at rest, in-motion, and in-use across hybrid environments

Data Protection

Visibility to data everywhere

Discover and inventory critical data and IP every place you collaborate.

Reduce the complexity of hybrid environments

Secure your data with simplified policy management across all channels—cloud, on-premises, and endpoints.

Data Protection

Data protection adapts as user risk changes

Dynamically respond to changing user behavior to stop the bad and free the good.

Forcepoint understands data protection
Keep your important data from leaving

Detect and control how and where data flows throughout your organization and while collaborating with suppliers and contractors.

Next-gen DLP that's easy to use

Overcome the hurdles and rigidity of traditional DLP by reducing alert volumes, false positives, and alarms to focus on what matters.

Protect against low and slow data loss

Provide businesses with flexibilty to aggregate alerts before triggering action.

Protect your data in SaaS applications

Find and protect data when using any cloud application.

Out-of-the-box policies to accelerate compliance

Minimize the complexity of compliance. Pre-built policies simplify data governance across all regulated data easily and quickly, with data classifiers and reporting functionality compatibility.

With Forcepoint, your data is protected everywhere
Protect critical data while enabling productivity, collaboration and ensuring regulatory compliance

Protect data in the cloud

Complete visibility and control of data movement in all cloud applications. Uncover and control data in unsanctioned applications.

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Secure Office 365

Locate and protect critical data stored in Office 365, even in images. Implement uniform control over your SaaS environment.

Next-gen your data protection

Automatically prevent data loss in high-risk instances, gain proactive security management, and unlock productivity.

Comply with GDPR and more

Achieve compliance by mapping and controlling relevant data across your environment. Drive remediation reporting within 72 hours.

Discover data in hybrid environments

Find all sensitive and regulated data with ease. Our pre-defined policies search across cloud, on-premises, and network environments.

Confidently verify regulatory compliance

Find regulated data and implement control using easy pre-architected policies that locate and manage across cloud, endpoint, and on-premises.

Everything you need to protect your data
Our products work together seamlessly and integrate with your existing environment.

As a winner in the Trust Award category, Forcepoint Dynamic Data Protection stands out for its innovative approach to protecting businesses against the ever-changing threat landscape.

Illena Armstrong
VP, Editorial
SC Media

"All encompassing solution which is designed to handle complex security issues"

Enterprise Security Services

"Forcepoint CASB supports all CASB operational modes including API, forward and reverse proxy"

It has helped to speed up incident analysis and response... speed up analysis of incidents that are related to data leaving or entering our network.. helped us with visibility on what data is stored on the cloud and our employee behavior.

Forcepoint DLP has given us incredible visibility into our business-to-client process, allowing us to investigate and optimize our business practices. This tool enables you to enforce policy to stay compliant with all major standards but also allows you to better optimize your business and...

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