Insider threats can have devastating impacts on your organization


Average cost of
insider incidents

Damage can extend into the millions when considering company valuation.


Insider incidents result
from unwitting employees

3 out of 4 times, users unintentionally expose the business to insider threats.

73 Days

Average number of days that
organizations are exposed

The longer the exploit, the greater the financial risk.

A virtual padlock

Advanced threats require a sophisticated strategy

Fraudulent activities

Sensitive data can walk out your front door and leave your customers exposed.

Espionage from within

Your critical IP investments are valuable in the open market.

Advanced persistent threats

It’s more challenging than ever to detect and defend against cyberattacks.

An icon representing stakeholders in agreement.

Powerful Insider Threat Programs include all relevant stakeholders

Security alone can’t manage and drive a robust insider threat program - you need a broad team to properly manage and address these sophisticated threats.

The correct stakeholders vary depending upon your organization, but could include:
Human Resources, Legal, Governance, Board Members, Business Continuity Officers, Information Technology, and Security.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) recognizes the need for formal controls to address organizational risk.

An icon representing cloud computing.

Deliver governance while maintaining privacy: the value of an Insider Threat Program

Provide measures for visibility and control over high-risk activity, while still allowing employees to do their jobs.

Employ structure-enabling investigation that focuses on unexpected behavior irrespective of the individual involved.

Deliver responsible oversight of user activity so you can maintain security across your data and valuable assets.

An icon representing sophisticated technology.

Drive an insider threat program with the most sophisticated technology available in the market

Accelerate insider threat mitigation by identifying irregular behavior around high-value data and providing context to properly and holistically investigate.

Prevent, detect, and respond to insider threats with a proactive approach to data protection and malicious activity.

Detect seemingly unrelated threats and provide early warning indicators to potential incidents, while removing identity-based bias through masking and pseudonymization.

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No matter where you are in your Insider Threat Program, Forcepoint can help

Whether you’re concerned about a breach or recently experienced one, Forcepoint can guide you through developing an insider threat program.

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