2017 State of Cybersecurity

The 2017 State of Cybersecurity

Shifting Security’s Focus to Intent and Human Behavior

In the 2017 State of Cybersecurity report, thought leaders at Forcepoint assert that the security industry is in need of a paradigm shift toward examining user behavior and intent.

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Case Studies

"The original thought process for moving to Forcepoint was its functionality as an all-inclusive product which we really liked. The other products we evaluated had disjointed web and email pieces. Forcepoint’s solution was one modular unit—web, email, data—all in one."

Aaron Christenson
Sr. Windows Administrator / SQL Administrator
Lake Michigan Credit Union (LMCU)

The relationship between Kootenai Health and Forcepoint is only going to grow. I’m really impressed with the capabilities and level of protection the solution provides. I’m a Forcepoint customer because I choose to be. I don’t know of another solution that does the job better.

Michael Meline
Director of Data Security
Kootenai Health