Data Security

Does your data security solution enforce behavior-centric policies to minimize breaches?

Secure your data without slowing down your business

Safeguard your organization’s critical data and IP and help ensure compliance while providing frictionless, secure access to data from wherever your employees are.

Protect what matters most

Secure regulated data, protect IP, and prevent loss in the office, in the cloud, or at home.

Understand your people and your data

Use visibility and context to get a better understanding of how your people use data—apply dynamic enforcement where it makes sense.

Stop the breach before it happens

Shift from event-centric to risk-centric approach with real-time enforcement.


Move from reactive to proactive data security to get ahead of loss.

Data Loss Prevention
Industry-leading protection from the 9x Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader for DLP.
Risk-Adaptive Protection
Simplifying data security through personalized automation.
Cloud Access Security Broker
Complete security for data in cloud apps—discover use and analyze risk.

“With Forcepoint’s help, we’ve found the right balance between safety and productivity.”

Patrick Viner,
IT Operations Manager, CPP Group
2022 Gartner Market Guide for Data Loss Prevention

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