October 5, 2021

Challenges to Accessing Mission-Critical Data in Afghanistan Reinforces Need for Cross Domain Solutions as a Part of JADC2 Strategy

The Afghanistan withdrawal shows why JADC2 data access strategy calls for Cross Domain Solutions
Kristina Dettwiler

The two-week withdrawal of 124,000 people from Afghanistan was a timely reminder of our ongoing need to facilitate secure data sharing and collaboration among trusted teams and allies. The Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2) initiative is the DoD’s leading effort to link all the U.S. military branches together to make it easier to “command forces in multiple domains simultaneously,” share sensitive data and make better informed decisions at mission speed. However, data siloes continue to stand in the way of service branch collaboration.

Without secure data sharing capabilities across networks of multiple classification levels, decision making hinges on an incomplete picture of information. While JADC2 projects Mosaic, Convergence, Overmatch, and Advanced Battle Management are underway, the Afghanistan withdrawal underscored that much work needs to be done

The success of each agency’s unique mission and its role in the overall JADC2 program depends on securely sharing sensitive data with trusted organizations and coalition partners. One way agencies can more quickly achieve JADC2 is with Cross Domain Solutions (CDS) that secure access and data transfers across “any-to-any” security levels and multiple networks. Our nation’s warfighters need data wherever their mission takes them, and it’s incumbent on the cybersecurity industry to remove roadblocks. Forcepoint can support JADC2 efforts with Raise the Bar-compliant Cross Domain Solutions that enable remote mission-critical access and collaboration, anywhere, anytime.

Because they are commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions, Forcepoint Cross Domain Solutions ensure increased functionality, improved scalability, quicker time to deployment, and the highest level of security. Forcepoint brings more than 20 years of supporting the missions of the U.S. DoD, Intelligence Community and Civilian agencies by delivering trusted assurance for high-consequence mission continuity and collaboration.

As JADC2 projects continue to evolve, Forcepoint can tailor Cross Domain Solutions to serve the mission and tasks of globally dispersed DoD teams. Learn more about JADC2 challenges and how Forcepoint is uniquely positioned to support JADC2 efforts.

Kristina Dettwiler

Kristina Dettwiler is a Federal Marketing Manager for Forcepoint’s Global Government & Critical Infrastructure organization. She leads marketing campaigns and events for the DoD, Intelligence Community, Federal System Integrators and manages the federal channel network. She has more than 7...

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