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December 1, 2020

Looking Back at November’s To The Point Cybersecurity Podcast Episodes

In November, To The Point Cybersecurity podcast featured discussions with government cyber leaders on topics like resiliency, software supply chains, balancing privacy and surveillance and Zero Trust.

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Ep 103 What is Resiliency?
Resiliency is a word that has been kicked around government for years, but what does it really mean? former Chief Security Strategist for DoD / Intelligence Community and current Forcepoint Commercial Products CTO Petko Stoyanov shares his perspective.

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Ep 104 The State Of The Software Supply Chain, And What It Tells Us About The Adversary
Derek Weeks is a huge advocate of applying proven supply chain management principles into DevOps practices to improve efficiencies, reduce security risks, and sustain long-lasting competitive advantages. We review the State of Software Supply Chain report

Editor’s Note: The last two minutes of the conversation were not recorded in the video. To hear the complete discussion, listen to the audio-only version of Ep. 104.

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Ep 105 Habeas Data: Privacy Vs. the Rise of Surveillance Tech, With Cyrus Farivar
NBC News investigative tech reporter Cyrus Farivar and of Author "Habeas Data: Privacy Vs. the Rise of Surveillance Tech." joins us to explore the tools of surveillance that exist today, how they work, and what the implications are for the future of privacy.

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Ep 106 Zero Trust, More Steak Less Sizzle

Former CIO of DHS, Navy and DoD, Dr. John Zangardi, or Dr Z (listen to hear how he got that handle) shares his perspective on Zero Trust, its benefits and where the government is with implementation. He also provides valuable insight for advocates of Zero Trust, in a nutshell:  more steak, less sizzle.   

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