Letter to Customers

Matt Santangelo
March 11, 2020, 11:41 am CDT

As global events and government mandates require organizations shift to a new way of working, Forcepoint understands that this situation can cause uncertainty about how these changes might affect operations. We would like to let our valued customers know that Forcepoint has enacted our emergency preparedness plan and stands fully engaged to manage through the current threat. 

As a subset of our Business Continuity Plan (BCP), we have complete remote virtual private network (VPN) capabilities for all critical roles across the organization. In addition, Forcepoint has long had role redundancy in place that allows us to be confident that the technical and functional resources required to meet the needs of our customers will be available. Our work from home capability allows for comprehensive duplication of office capabilities. This includes our sales, professional services, technical support, core operations, and product engineering teams.

Forcepoint has many products that have features allowing for frequent and relevant updates to be delivered to your platform, ensuring an optimized security posture. Sometimes these features are referred to as ‘Phone Home’. In addition, we have several products delivered via our cloud operations platform. We want to reassure you of our robust BCP capabilities, including robust and comprehensive operations surrounding these aspects of our platform.

Throughout this unfolding situation, Forcepoint remains committed to our customers and your continued success. Your account team will be happy to take any further concerns or requests and resolve any open questions.

Thank you again for your business. We’re honoured to support you as your trusted security partner.


Matt Santangelo

Chief Finance Officer