The Telework Stress Test - Cybersecurity in the Era of a Dispersed Workforce

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Secure data transfer for training and testing environments

Raise the Bar

Meet NSA Raise the Bar and NIST guidelines

Included on the U.S. NCDSMO Baseline for SABI environments (since 2009) with native support for DIS, HLA, TENA, RTP and MPEG2-TS, and meets NSA Raise the Bar and NIST guidelines.

Content Control

Only authorized TENA guard available

Evaluated by the High Performance Computing Modernization Program Office (HPCMPO) for connection to Defense Research & Engineering Network (DREN) and Secure Defense Research & Engineering Network (SDREN).

Enterprise-Grade Connectivity

Enable secure two-way communication

SimShield enables fully automated, predictable, controlled, and audited two-way communication and sanitization of events across segmented, air-gapped security domains.

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Behavioral Fingerprints

Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) solution

Always have the latest features without additional cost, vs. Government-Off-The-Shelf (GOTS) solutions.

Location Access

Effective and efficient training environments

Train multiple national agencies or coalition forces at the same time in a single, real-world environment.

Stop Shadow IT

More rapid and efficient RDT&E

Sanitized information sharing for faster detection and correction of issues and errors during Research, Development, Test & Evaluation (RDT&E).

Ensure Compliance

Ensure security through R.A.I.N. principles

Ensure that critical security actions are Redundant, Always Invoked, Independent, and Non-bypassable with dual filtering engines and robust security controls.

Admin Control

Enforce strong process and role separation

Use robust administration, logging, and auditing to separate hardware platforms for critical data transfer tasks (Trusted Bridge) and filter policy and rule development (Policy Editor).

Increase security posture and efficiency

Trust the cross domain technology leader to help you establish efficient, time-saving, and secure testing and training environments.


Forcepoint solution to meet Raise the Bar guidelines


Years of cross domain security experience


Years enabling multinational training exercises

Connect real-world training and testing environments
Label, filter, protect, and exchange

Authorized system to label, filter, protect, and exchange data between segmented networks that execute at different sensitivity or classification levels.

User-friendly filter and policy rule creation

Standalone Policy Editor system for on-site filter and policy rule creation and verification.

Robust validation, inspection, and sanitization

For all protocols and data types, SimShield provides deep format validation, integrity checking, content inspection, and content sanitization.

Native support for many data types and protocols

Support for a variety of data types and protocols allows for the cross domain, concurrent transfer of video, audio, and metadata streams for live and virtual training, simulation, and testing data.

Streaming video support

Real-time video streaming with unparalleled control and auditing.