Critical files are often transferred between and across sensitive networks. They must be protected against unintended or malicious distribution while maintaining file and network security. Frequently, files stored on a proprietary or sensitive network are transferred to a shared or less sensitive, less controlled network for use by another agency or organization. This sensitive data may be a single document or an entire directory containing imagery, maps, multiple documents, and databases that must be moved quickly and securely to prevent viruses, network intrusions and data leakage.

Forcepoint Trusted Gateway System, a Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) secure file transfer solution, enforces role-based access, workflow tasks and secure file management and controls, enabling agencies and organizations to efficiently ensure the quick and secure sharing of information.


Forcepoint Trusted Gateway System™


Ensuring Secure Data Transfer: Choosing the Right Technology

Without Trusted Gateway System, to achieve an air gap, we would have to use the type of media you can just walk out the door with.

Senior Integration Engineer
Forrester Cross Domain Total Economic Impact Report, 2017