Virtual Data Warehousing for Analytics

A better path to accessing disparate data for actionable intelligence


To keep your organization focused on its mission, you need the best possible insight into the security issues affecting your IT environment. Forcepoint  delivers that insight using the fast, efficient, cost-effective virtual data warehousing technology embedded in SureView Analytics.

Other analytics engines are often cumbersome and expensive to operate because they rely on large traditional data warehouses that require data ingestion for analysis. Your IT department has to invest time and money to purchase and maintain the data warehouse, plus hire expensive external consultants to set up the ingestion process. Worse, companies offering proprietary data stores take ownership of the data once it’s in their ingestion engine, meaning that you lose control of your own data.

Virtual data warehousing also frees you from reliance on using stale data and allows you to search in near real-time, therefore ensuring that your cybersecurity analysts can develop actionable intelligence from the most current information.

Virtual Data Warehousing Delivers Near Real-Time Insight Using Fewer Resources

Our virtual data warehouse points to your structured and unstructured data without copying or moving it, but instead stores only the index to the data. Our approach means that you don’t need to ingest masses of data. It’s also friendlier for compliance purposes because it doesn’t trigger Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requirements since ownership of the data remains at the source.

The virtual data warehouse in SureView Analytics gives you a better way to make good decisions for your organization because it allows you to:

  • Search on live data so you can make decisions in near real time.
  • Deploy quickly and efficiently without the expense or effort of setting up a traditional data warehouse.
  • Lower your total cost of ownership to as little as one-third of alternate methods, freeing your IT team to focus on high-impact projects.