"To comply fully with GDPR, we needed to know where our unstructured data was being stored on our network. So we looked at all other data discovery tools and were impressed by what was possible with Forcepoint data discovery. Forcepoint predefined GDPR templates helped move things forward fast, especially helpful because GDPR is very new to everyone."

Eddie Zeen


Graydon is a leading provider of business credit information and data intelligence. Graydon, an advocate for good credit management, provides thorough identification and assessment of new and existing customers to a large number of companies. The credit information is always up to date, complete, and easy to interpret.


With GDPR on the horizon, Graydon needed to be fully aware of the unstructured data stored on their network. They needed a tool that would help them locate their data in a short period of time—because deadlines were running short.

Graydon is, at its core, a data company. With locations in the UK and Belgium in addition to the Netherlands, they needed to monitor where that data is stored and find all personally identifiable information throughout the organization. In addition, they need to monitor and protect it as well as the formulas used to enrich that data.

“We looked at all other data discovery tools and were most impressed with what Forcepoint had to offer. We were impressed by what was possible with Forcepoint data discovery.”

— Zeen


To meet the initial GDPR compliance guidelines, companies had to make sure they could locate all personal data and intellectual property data within their organization. This created a big challenge, especially in a company that runs on data.

After looking at other data discovery tools, Graydon found that Forcepoint Data Discovery was really focused on meeting the company’s needs, rather than needing to incorporate add-ons that may be necessary with other companies.

“We had good contact with the account manager, who provided us with all the necessary information in a short period of time. But Forcepoint was really the best quality solution, and that had a big impact on our decision.”

— Zeen


Graydon implemented the Forcepoint Data Discovery product in April. An experienced Professional Services team set up the tools within a period of four hours for an on-premises deployment.

“It was a very short learning cycle. All the preconfigured tools to meet compliance issueswere nice to have, because we could quickly identify data and refine it to quickly discover personally identifiable data.”

— Zeen

Forcepoint helped Graydon create a trustworthy strategy to find data, including using OCR capabilities to detect text within images and identify if it is personal data to be protected. Reporting also became easy. Zeen knows what is presented in the reports and can easily present that information to management. They are now setting up processes based on Forcepoint reporting.

“The most important information is saved in unstructured format throughout the organization. We want to have the proper tools set in place so that we can abide by the law and be cognizant of how to correctly use and store sensitive data.”

— Zeen

Graydon is now in the middle of a discussion about the data they discovered, thinking about what to do next to deal with that data, defining time to collect and store data, and governing when data should be saved and when it should be destroyed.

Graydon plans to implement the Forcepoint endpoint tool later this year, with a continued focus on GDPR compliance.

“It was a nice process we entered with Forcepoint—setup was smooth and quick. First results have been very good, and we are happy with the tool.”

— Zeen