The Forcepoint Commercial and G2CI businesses have officially separated.


MagnaChip Semiconductor Corporation

South Korea


MagnaChip Semiconductor Corporation, specializing in analog and mixed-signal non-memory semiconductors, is a semiconductor company that can independently carry out processes ranging from semiconductor design to production. Based on its extensive 30-year history and technology, the company is currently supplying exemplary products throughout the industry, such as High Voltage CMOS, Power, Embedded Memory, and Non-Volatile Memory, and is ranked No. 2 in the world in the AMOLED display driver IC sector.

MagnaChip’s headquarters and production facility are based in Korea and has offices in the US, Europe, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and more.


Due to the characteristics of the semiconductor industry, technology and know-how are sources of competitiveness. As a result, it is very important to prevent the leakage of high-level internal information. Accordingly, MagnaChip reinforced PC security with on media control, in order to identify and monitor internal users who show signs of behavioral anomalies, find the causes, and prevent data loss to the outside.

To this end, the system must first be able to not just inspect unsafe actions, but also monitor the entire situation, predict potential data loss incidents and analyze causes, such as whether the purpose is malicious, a mistake, or a necessary choice.

Second, it should be compatible with various existing PC security software. Because the solution was installed at the endpoint, it was paramount that it should not interfere with the daily business of each user.

"The most important consideration was a system that can monitor user systems to predict potential data loss incidents, be compatible with existing PC security software, and not undermine its performance."
—Ahn Sang-wook, Business Solution Team, MagnaChip Semiconductor Corporation


After Reviewing a number of solutions MagnaChip selected Forcepoint Insider Threat (FIT) and Forcepoint DLP. Forcepoint received high scores based on their excellent performance, high compatibility with other PC tools, and an intuitive user interface (UI), which enables the administrator to see risk factors at a glance and address them.

In particular, FIT is a next-generation security solution that prevents vital data from being infringed upon or stolen by providing visibility into initial activities on the user’s PC and providing early danger signals for hacked systems, stolen authentication information, malicious insiders, and even simple mistakes. Security products from competitors merely apply permission/blocking policies based on the whitelist or blacklist. Unlike competitors, Forcepoint provides a basis of decision making by monitoring the causes of policy violations and actions.

Forcepoint DLP provides the best fingerprinting functionality in the industry, detecting both structured and unstructured data, regardless of the location; whether it is in the office, on the cloud, or in transit. Enhanced convenience is realized as Forcepoint responds to data loss after setting and applying policies only once.


MagnaChip leveraged Forcepoint’s solutions to implement a system that can predict and respond to potential data loss incidents in advance by monitoring user systems. It’s compatibility with existing systems added even more value.

"Thanks to Forcepoint, we were able to implement a solid security control system with limited resources. Although there is a wide variety of endpoint environments, we succeeded in applying the solutions with almost no conflict or noise. Compared with other companies in our sector, it is encouraging that we had so little trouble. There have been almost no issues with compatibility, performance, business delay or conflict. So, both administrators and users are satisfied. Based on this exemplary case, we are considering applying it to our other operations around the world."
—CISO, MagnaChip Semiconductor Corporation

MagnaChip Semiconductor Corporation first introduced a Forcepoint product in 2017.