Back from the Archives! What Makes a City Smart? With Chris Teale

About This Episode

After nearly 300 episodes we have had some of the most spectacular guests on the podcast! Every once in a while we like to bring back one of our favorite episodes from the archives because we really enjoyed the conversation and think our new listeners will as well. This week we chat on the complexities and opportunities smart cities can deliver in the US and around the globe with guest Chris Teale, reporter at Smart Cities Dive. He’s spent years meeting with government and community leaders on the growth of smart cities and shares thoughts on just how fluid defining what a smart city is today. 

Learn which cities around the world are leading in the smart city evolution and how a patchwork of state-by-state laws and regulatory frameworks help and/or hinder progress. As well as examples of US cities you may not have expected that can share best practices and lessons learned with cities large and small across the country to help get them on the path to better utilizing technology and digitization to improve essential services (such as trash pick-up) and quality of life. He also shares insights of the ‘hackers as city consultant’ trend and how a federal government playbook for cities could help more cities get smarter, faster.