RERUN: Talking Insider Threat Awareness with Bill Evanina

About This Episode

In this special rerun episode, we feature our interview with Bill Evanina, the Founder and CEO of the Evanina Group and a former Director at the National Counterintelligence and Security Center Office of the Director of National Intelligence. As September marks Insider Threat Awareness Month, Bill Evanina will provide a comprehensive exploration of insider threats. He draws from his extensive experience in counterintelligence and security, offering insights into the definition of insider threats (including potential harm to oneself or others).

Delving into the realm of available tools, information sharing, and detection across organizational landscapes, he discusses both the opportunities and challenges. He also underscores the importance of leadership training and cross-functional collaboration as essential elements in mitigating insider threats effectively. Bill Evanina also highlights the critical role that sharing success stories plays in creating a meaningful impact in this domain.