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Roadmap for a Successful DLP Deployment

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) used to have a fearsome reputation for complexity, making deployments slow and painful. But not anymore… In this webinar, we show you how using our six-stage approach, you can be up and running in as little as six weeks! Senior Product Marketing Manager, Corey Kiesewetter, is joined by Director of Professional Services, Abdul Pasha, to break down the process and share our best practices for a successful implementation.

They will cover:

  1. Goals and use cases: Understanding your environment, setting goals and prioritizing challenges
  2. Scope and project initiation: Identifying resource requirements and creating your implementation plan and timeline
  3. Understanding your data: What’s important to secure – and what’s not
  4. Policy lifecycle: Building out your policies and planning your data incident response workflow
  5. Deployment: Getting into the detailed checklist for rolling out
  6. Future roadmap: Planning your extended rollout and considering additional enhancements and capabilities