Faster, More Productive Data Analysis to Reduce Crime

Justice & Public Safety

Stay ahead of criminal activity with an easy-to-use, information-sharing and analysis platform proven to enhance the tempo and targeting of law enforcement investigations and to have a real impact on crime.

Law enforcement agencies must constantly adapt to rapidly evolving situations and make greater use of the new types of intelligence made available by today’s technology. Doing so enables faster, more effective targeting of criminals and terrorists, as well as much more effective cooperation among agencies who share the mission of improving public safety.

Today, agencies are fighting crime with Forcepoint™ technologies that enable analysts and investigators to quickly and easily access, understand, analyze and react to huge amounts of data, whether in-house or across jurisdictions. Our solutions are enabling New York, Arizona and other states to significantly reduce crime.

Thanks to advanced searching capabilities that access vast pools of data on the fly, agencies have access to critical information in seconds, not days. Analysts and decision makers — including agents and peace officers in the field — can access that information immediately through visualizations and custom reports that convey advanced temporal, statistical, geospatial and link analysis in easy-to-digest ways.

The result: Faster, better-informed decisions and actions to keep the public safe.

SureView® Analytics for Law Enforcement Solution

SureView Analytics is an agile, adaptable and scalable mobile-enabled federated search and visualization platform that increases speed, collaboration and effectiveness for your investigators and field agents. It provides access to the sources your organization deems mission-critical and applies automation, advanced data discovery and visualization capabilities to rapidly deliver key insights for investigations. Even better, our federated search technology uniquely does not need to duplicate data for processing, enabling better information sharing while ensuring lower IT and compliance costs.

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