Protecting people from compromise as they use the web and email from any location, on any device

Cloud Security For Web & Email

Today’s cyber attackers are stepping up their attempts to compromise both web and email—secure only one and an adversary will enter from the other. These attackers set ransomware traps to steal critical data only to demand a hefty price for its return.

Forcepoint protects networks from the most advanced threats while saving valuable time and resources. And Forcepoint Cloud Web & Forcepoint Cloud Email Security are built on shared TRITON architecture and Forcepoint Advanced Classification Engine (ACE), allowing for hassle-free maintenance and software updates to ensure you maintain the highest level of protection.

Outsmart Advanced Threats with a Coordinated Defense Built on ACE

Ransomware and other advanced threats involve highly-coordinated delivery methods that shift between web and email channels in search of a weakness in your defenses. Forcepoint ACE provides effective security by first identifying and secondly classifying information to deliver real-time security ratings to both web and email traffic.

ACE’s eight threat assessment areas and unique composite scoring process protect against emerging threats — including the most advanced zero-day attacks and APTs — while improving productivity and compliance through strong outbound content visibility and containment controls.

Stop Determined Web Attacks with Advanced Threat Protection

Forcepoint Web Security stops more advanced, non-signature threats to your data than any other solution, protecting users everywhere, even on third-party networks.

And for additional safety from savvy adversaries, Forcepoint Advanced Malware Detection provides cloud-hosted protection that surpasses the capability of on-premise sandboxes.

Prevent Unwanted Email, Suspicious SPAM, and Malware Attachments

There is not a single antivirus that can keep up with today’s zero-day attacks, and SPAM filters are equally ineffective at protecting users from clicking suspicious links meant to deliver destructive payloads to roaming users.

Forcepoint Email Security is a category leader because it’s highly effective at stopping email-based threats, like ransomware, from reaching your network. Phishing education reminds users, wherever they are, not to click on suspicious links.

Save Time with Quick & Easy Deployments

Take advantage of easy cloud deployment with Forcepoint Web Security and Forcepoint Email Security, or choose a hybrid deployment that provides the performance and manageability you need.

Regardless of your preference, the TRITON architecture ensures full unified management and coordination of inbound and outbound defenses across the gateway, even as your network continues to evolve.

Eliminate Maintenance & Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Hosted on the industry's most trusted and robust cloud platform, Forcepoint Web & Email Security keeps your security up-to-date with automatic updates from 155 countries at a rate of up to 3.2 times per second.

Forcepoint delivers comprehensive, centrally managed protection that lets you move ahead with effective security — wherever your users are. With Forcepoint, security in the cloud is continuously monitored, maintained and kept patched and up to date—and no longer dependent on manual, end-user labor.

"I was certainly expecting to have to do a lot more work on it on a daily basis, sorting through the quarantines but I just kind of leave it. It does what it does and is exceptionally low maintenance."
 - John Morton, Manager, Business Projects, Validium


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