Unrivaled Cross Domain Solutions Securing Sensitive Data and Networks for Global Government Agencies

Cross Domain

Forcepoint Cross Domain solutions support hundreds of thousands of enterprise users.

Our Cross Domain suite is in operational use in some of the most stringent environments in the world, securing their global mission efficiently and effectively while providing a high degree of usability without compromising security.

Forcepoint Cross Domain solutions deliver these immediate benefits:

  • Forcepoint Trusted Thin Client has demonstrated a 54% return on investment (ROI) over a 6.2 month payback period by significantly reducing hardware, infrastructure, support costs and power usage.
  • Forcepoint High Speed Guard has resulted in $7.3 million in labor savings with automation of the data transfer process.
  • Increased security balanced with high usability for more efficient and effective missions across intelligence, defense and civilian agencies.

Effectively and efficiently support the mission with seamless and secure cross domain access to all required networks and the associated data, while your system administrators employ enterprise-scale administration tools to support a global footprint from a single location, all with the highest degrees of security.

Global and enterprise security’s need to share data must be balanced against the need to protect both the data itself and the enterprise as a whole. Cross domain data transfer ensures that data and files arrive at their appointed destinations quickly and reliably, in the right format and free of malware. 

Forcepoint Cross Domain Access and Transfer Solutions Address Mission Security and Effectiveness:

  • Forcepoint Trusted Thin Client for simultaneous access to multiple segmented networks from a single endpoint and the ability to provide wide-ranging access to distributed networks and centralized system administration.
  • Forcepoint High Speed Guard for rapid, automated machine-to-machine data transfer that ensures the data meets all established security policies before it is moved to the destination.
  • Forcepoint Trusted Gateway System provides a workflow mechanism to guide efficient person-to-person file transfer. The interface also facilitates two-person Reliable Human Review (RHR) and ensures that all security checks are performed.
  • Forcepoint Trusted Print Delivery enables users to print from existing applications at different security or sensitivity levels to a single printer located on the high-side network. Reducing printer hardware at individual security levels reduces capital investment, printer inventory, hardware maintenance/supplies and administration.
  • Forcepoint Trusted Mail System enables policy-enforced exchange of emails and attachments between users on different networks, eliminating the need to switch between email systems at multiple levels. Providing a “single inbox” at the highest security level that consolidates email residing on multiple networks, making it less likely that important and mission-sensitive communications will be overlooked.
  • Forcepoint SimShield is a fixed-format data guard that labels, segregates, protects and exchanges data between systems executing at different sensitivity or classification levels. SimShield meets the requirements for data format, near real-time performance and low latency for distributed simulation operations, live training exercises and test events.
  • Forcepoint WebShield secures browse-down and data retrieval from a high-security network to a lower-security network and, in conjunction with Forcepoint Trusted Gateway System, allows users to securely post to enterprise Intranets to foster greater collaboration across communities of interest.

Forcepoint’s Cross Domain solutions support the unique and complex missions and objectives undertaken by the people who protect national security. From intelligence communities to defense departments and civilian agencies, these cyber warriors require rapid, accurate and secure ways to support their data-driven missions. Our people-centric solutions focus on securing and simplifying the intersection of technology, data and human beings, delivering solutions and services that work WITH and FOR your users to effectively and efficiently accomplish their missions.