Secure Users’ Web & Email Everywhere – in Cloud, on the Road or in the Office

Unified Content Security

Your Business Is Changing – Your Security Has to Do More Than Just Keep Up

Your workforce is more mobile than ever, demanding instant access to data to remain productive and competitive — and broad, yet secure, access to Web and email. New advances in Cloud and mobility technologies enable the free flow of ideas and modes of working that can drive your organization’s success. Yet, they also come with increasingly complex risk as clever cyber criminals use these innovations to their advantage.

To stay protected in this increasingly distributed world, IT security leaders often feel pressured to add more layers of controls. But, point products produce more alerts and incident data than overworked and understaffed security teams can handle.

The result is more complexity in security management and increased operational costs, but less security.

The Unified Approach – Break free from point products

Real content security is about breaking free from point products solutions, with holistic protection from advanced threats, wherever their source may be. Our unified approach to security across Web, email and other channels protects your roaming users, mobile devices and office campuses without point products. Forcepoint delivers comprehensive, centrally managed protection that lets you move ahead confidently — wherever your data needs to be — while reducing operational costs.


Why Unified Security Solutions Are a Necessity

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The evolution of the security vendor space has created an enormous amount of point products that all do very unique things to help an organization, but as a team that needs to manage those products and try to do so efficiently, it is very difficult — each one producing alerts, each one requiring investigation —  and teams are overloaded trying to manage products that don’t talk to each other. 

Doug Copley
Deputy CISO


Unified Architecture = Better Security


Forcepoint’s Web, email and integrated enterprise DLP are powered by our global ThreatSeeker® Intelligence Cloud. This industry-leading technology analyzes over 5 billion security events per day in more than 155 countries and shares intelligence across your critical communications channels. This powerful and sophisticated tool enables Forcepoint to provide the best protection from outside attackers as well as from insiders trying to steal data.

Our integrated security also lets you protect your data at every stage of the threat lifecycle, from initial targeted phishing emails, all the way to data exfiltration in hidden ‘Call Home’ channels.

Integrated advanced file analysis (sandboxing) provides early attack detection. Our threat dashboards and reporting minimize incidence response time for quicker remediation and attack containment, so you get back to ‘normal’ faster:

  • Managing Web, email and DLP through a single console enables greater oversight of the
    advanced and blended threats facing your users across critical communication channels, as well as the risks facing your data from accidental or malicious insiders.
  • Our industry-leading enterprise DLP technology uses sophisticated means such as data fingerprinting, machine learning, optical character recognition, “low and slow” drip theft detection and contextual analysis to detect and block attempts to move sensitive data to places you don’t want it to go.
  • Single, integrated console management of Web, email and DLP enables greater oversight of the advanced and blended threats facing your users across critical communication channels, as well as the risks facing your data from accidental or malicious insiders.


Our consolidated management and unified policies help you efficiently embrace transformative technologies such as the Cloud, mobility and new applications.

Forcepoint lets you choose the deployment method for your Web, email and DLP security to support the needs of the organization. Our centralized management console lets you deploy consistent policies to protect your users and data across any network. Forcepoint’s range of virtual and physical appliances, as well as ISO-certified, cloud-based security infrastructure, keeps security close to your users and critical data wherever it is.

Forcepoint gives you the flexibility to deploy any combination of TRITON® AP-WEBTRITON AP-EMAILTRITON AP-DATA , TRITON AP-ENDPOINT or our TRITON APX Enterprise bundle. Depending on your organization’s needs, you can also easily integrate TRITON APX products with our Threat Protection ApplianceThreat Protection Cloud or SureView® Insider Threat.

  • Our Cloud, endpoint and network solutions work together to provide consistent ‘data-centric’ protection for your users, wherever they need to work.
  • An integrated platform and unified policies enables organizations to take advantage of and extend security to the latest technologies to support a mobile and productive workforce such as Office 365, Exchange Online, Box and Salesforce without additional point products.



Our industry-leading TRITON® platform combines the management of Web, email and DLP protection in one console.

  • Fewer point products from fewer vendors means reduced support costs.
  • A single platform reduces integration and deployment costs.
  • Pre-defined policies grouped by regulation type and geolocation save administrative time and allow you to rapidly protect against data loss.
  • Single ‘look and feel’ reduces training and ongoing operational costs.