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Caesarstone Relies on Forcepoint to Consolidate Security Dispersed around the Globe into a Single, Cohesive Solution

Forcepoint Web Security, Data Loss Prevention, and CASB deliver the consolidated visibility and protection needed to safeguard data throughout global operations

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Caesarstone is the leading manufacturer of durable natural quartz surfaces used in homes and offices around the world. In order to increase visibility into activity happening around the globe and increase protection for dispersed operations, remote offices, and the mobile workforce, the company rolled out a global standard based on a sturdy blend of Forcepoint Web Security, Data Loss Prevention, and CASB.


  • Replace fragmented global cybersecurity approach with full visibility and consistent policies.


  • Implement Forcepoint Web Security Cloud, DLP, and CASB.


  • Increased visibility into web traffic, data movement, and cloud activity, with the ability to easily rollout global policies.
  • Long-term partnership for scalable security solutions.

Founded in 1987 and headquartered in Israel, Caesarstone was the pioneer of the natural quartz surfaces market, and the first high-quality premium quartz surface company to utilize advanced technologies and expertise. Its dominant position has been achieved through continuous investment and innovation, extensive research and development, etc. Whether developing new technologies and production processes that allow creation of breakthrough designs, or working with the world’s leading designers to generate new concepts, Caesarstone has a passion for innovation. The company manufactures at three facilities in two continents, and sells in 50 countries all over the world.

Disparate cybersecurity management calls for a comprehensive solution

When CISO Avi Gannon joined the company, he found that while Caesarstone was very innovative in its manufacturing processes, his goal was to improve the global security infrastructure with an innovative platform as well. The existing tools didn’t provide a clear view into potential issues or how data was moving. As the executive responsible for cybersecurity globally, he considered creating that insight the critical first step. “My philosophy is that visibility is the key to security,” said Gannon. “You must have visibility for your data to learn more about the threats you are faced with, and then put policies in place to address those.”

His end goal was to provide a comprehensive solution for users and data around the world, wherever they are, and at the same time, gather all the info he needed to ensure that security was effective. He planned to approach this in phases:

  • First, increase the cybersecurity of headquarters, remote sites, and branches—not only for desktops in the office, but also for laptops used by marketing users traveling around the world.
  • Second, provide visibility into the location and movement of data.
  • Finally, extend visibility to company cloud storage.

“A user could accidentally send an email to the wrong person or unintentionally share sensitive information—these kinds of mistakes happen all the time. With the right tool, you have the ability to respond to this kind of incident,”
 - Gannon.

Forcepoint Web, DLP, and CASB security provide a holistic view of security issues

Fortunately, Gannon had the ideal partner in mind; he had worked with Forcepoint at a previous company and was very familiar with the benefits of Forcepoint’s solutions.

“I prefer using Forcepoint because it’s more mature compared to other solutions. It’s important to use a leader in the market. With the right tool, you will see events and security issues you were blind to before. And then you can create a policy to prevent that.”
 - Gannon

To address the first phase, Caesarstone set a default standard for safe web browsing by implementing Forcepoint Web Security Cloud with one policy for all company sites and employees whenever a new device is connected to the network. This protects users from malicious websites and web-based cyber threats at all the remote sites and branches, as well as the global marketing force working outside the office. In the second phase, the company rolled out Forcepoint DLP to add visibility to intellectual property and customer data on desktops, laptops, and servers.

And finally, the company expanded visibility to the cloud with Forcepoint CASB. CASB provides information on what kind of data is shared using corporate Office 365, Dropbox or other unsanctioned cloud storage solutions. In addition, it provides the company with information on what cloud apps employees are using—how much and how often.

One company to provide a scalable solution for all cybersecurity needs

With the rollout of Forcepoint Web Security, DLP, and CASB, the company now has increased visibility into web traffic, data moving into and out of the company, and cloud activity. This gives Gannon the information he needs to set policies that can prevent unwanted activity and focus on higher severity incidents.

“In a world where innovations are happening all the time, it’s important to me that one company can provide a much more scalable solution for all the security needs I have.”
 - Gannon

“On day one of Forcepoint Web Security, we reduced a lot of noise and incidents related to safe browsing, accessing, and downloading malicious content,” Gannon said. “On a daily basis, I’m not looking at the majority of incidents; I know the product will do that work for me. I can focus on high severity incidents and respond much more quickly than I could without the product.”

In addition, Gannon was happy that the CASB rolled out very quickly, was very easy to deploy, did not require much work to set up, and has allowed the company to see results globally versus installing an endpoint solution.

Gannon continues to be satisfied with his long-term security partner: “Forcepoint provides a lot of information, a lot of solutions, and there is always someone there for immediate help. This is very important for a long-term relationship with a company. And it’s why I don’t think about choosing a different vendor, because I’m receiving everything I need: a good, market-leading product and good relationship with engineers and all the relevant people at the company.”

In addition, he appreciates Forcepoint’s consolidated, comprehensive cybersecurity solutions.

“In a world where innovations are happening all the time, it’s important to me that one company can provide a much more scalable solution for all the security needs I have,”
 - Gannon

Customer Profile

Leading manufacturer and marketer of natural quartz surfaces for kitchens and bathrooms.