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NEW! Cloud Security Gateway — SWG, CASB, and DLP in a single product.

Forcepoint Dynamic Security Platform

Powering a new generation of converged security services from the cloud

Admin Control

Behavior-based and risk-adaptive

No two people act the same. Have your security automatically adjust to the risk each person poses.

Cloud Networking

Cloud-native, hybrid-enforced

Accelerate your secure digital transformation to the cloud without giving up local visibility and control.

Enterprise-Grade Connectivity

Modular, extensible security services

Secure your cloud, network and endpoints dynamically to meet your ever-changing business needs.

How it works

The Forcepoint Dynamic Security Platform is an extensible foundation for delivering converged security solutions to enterprises and government agencies.

Extensible security services

Gain horizontal visibility and control throughout your cloud, network and endpoints with modular security capabilities that work together to prevent blind spots.


Behavioral intelligence and analytics

Stop evolving threats by uncovering risky user activity in the cloud, network, and endpoint and continuously calculated risk scores.

Behavioral intelligence

Risk-adaptive security

Automatically tailor enforcement for each user based on the compromised access risk – across Forcepoint and 3rd party security services.

Risk Chart

Integration with enterprise systems

Tie into external systems via comprehensive APIs that incorporate telemetry and identity info while publishing behavioral intelligence to 3rd party tools.

Cloud Integration

Unifying web, network, cloud, and
data security in the cloud

Global Employee Icon

Dynamic User Protection

Industry’s first user activity monitoring solution-as-a-service

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Discover Data

Dynamic Data Protection

Industry’s only integrated risk-adaptive security solution

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Dynamic Edge Protection

Leading converged web, network and connectivity solution-as-a-service

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