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We Are the Hacker's Day Job with Adam Levin, Part 1

About This Episode

This week we welcome Adam Levin to the podcast to talk about the hacker’s day job. He is a long-time consumer affairs advocate with more than 40 years of experience. He’s the author of the book Swiped, and formerly Chairman and founder of CyberScout as well as co-founder of He joins us at the apex of the consumer security awareness time of year. Holiday shopping, COVID, flu, and other health concerns run rampant in addition to geopolitical security concerns that are ever-present.

He shares insights and stories from his more than 40 years on the consumer affairs advocacy front lines. This frames the security challenges each of us face in our daily lives. Many of which are seemingly innocuous yet can have disastrous consequences and upend livelihoods. Great best practices tips here for both security pros and non-industry folks. Shoring up defenses in places we’ve gotten very familiar in trusting – and they aren’t all that trustworthy after all.