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* Privacy Not Included, and What You Can Do About It with Zoë MacDonald

About This Episode

This week we deep dive into privacy with Mozilla Foundation’s Privacy Not Included content creator Zoë MacDonald. She shares fascinating insights from the deep research the *Privacy Not Included team undertakes to assess just how private is your data when using popular apps, driving in your connected car, etc. It was quite eye-opening just how little privacy there is for connected car owners – giving up all kinds of privacy in the name of modern convenience

In fact, Zoë breaks down how and why all of the 26 car brands researched earned the *Privacy Not Included label. (Hint: that’s not a great thing.) She also shares some insights on how Privacy Not Included got started in 2017 and the awesome buying guides they’ve been putting out to help everyone learn more about protecting their privacy with the products and services they use every day. Check out to learn more!