Mart 18, 2024

Forcepoint Named a “Top Player” in Radicati Group: Data Loss Prevention Market Quadrant 2024 Report

Kevin Oliveira

Forcepoint is honored to again be named a "Top Player" in the Radicati Group’s Data Loss Prevention Market Quadrant 2024 report.


This report evaluates the breadth and depth of each vendor’s DLP functionality. They also evaluate vendors based on their strategic vision behind their DLP solution.

Radicati Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Market Quadrant 2024

The Radicati Group evaluates DLP solutions across 13 different key features needed to protect data across different situations, like when data is being used, transferred, or stored. Beyond feature set, Radicati analyzes how well the company supports its customers through pricing models, customer support response and professional service support.

Top Players are “the current market leaders with products that offer, both breadth and depth of functionality, as well as possess a solid vision for the future." 

The Radicati group continues to see data security as a critical area for organizations and believes DLP is an important component to this. They project robust growth for the DLP market over the next 5 years—projecting it to grow from $2.7 billion in 2024 to over $7 billion by 2028. They cite reasons for this robust growth being continued growth of external and internal threats increasing the problem of data breaches as well as the growth in worldwide regulations and subsequently the complexity of maintaining compliance. 

Forcepoint recognizes the growth in data breaches and compliance regulations as key drivers in the DLP market. We also have long recognized it’s the data that organizations care about and that data is the central concern for cybersecurity.

We devised our Data Security Everywhere approach to  empower people to work anywhere, with data that resides everywhere.  Our DLP solution is a key component to the 5 Steps to Data Security Everywhere, a modern approach to making data security practical.  It’s fundamental to our Data-first SASE Forcepoint ONE platform.

We’ll continue to build on our robust DLP capabilities by focusing on innovation that matters to our customers. That’s a big reason why we’ve been recognized by the Radicati group . 

Two of the key areas of Forcepoint innovation over the last year we’re being recognized for:

  • Unified management across all DLP instances across all key channels. This is at the heart of our Data Security Everywhere approach. Organizations can manage, define policies and manage incident alerts from a single interface without needing separate DLP instances across cloud applications (CASB), web traffic (SWG), email, and endpoints. A recent survey of over 700 IT security directors and CISOs predicted that customers taking this approach are able to save up to 31% in operational costs.[1]
  • Release of our endpoint DLP SaaS solution. We’ve recently released a fully cloud-native endpoint solution and it has been getting rave reviews from our customers. Watch for more information on this new offering from Forcepoint in the next couple of months.


Check out more in the full Radicati report. Also look out for a forthcoming announcement on our new DLP SaaS capabilities that we are bringing to the Forcepoint ONE platform.


[1] IDC White Paper, sponsored by Forcepoint, The Quest for a Single Set of Unified DLP Policies, IDC #US51335023, Jan 2024

Kevin Oliveira

Kevin serves as Senior Product Marketing Manager for Forcepoint’s Data Security products and solutions.  He has over 20 years experience helping enterprises with their data and security initiatives with leadership positions at Dell EMC and IBM. 

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