Fundação CASA Secures Data Across All Channels for Remote Users



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Fundação CASA incorporated Forcepoint DLP to protect adolescents’ information from data leakage and exfiltration across all channels as its employees made the switch to remote work.


  • Secure personal data of adolescents involved in the Fundação CASA program.
  • Maintain visibility and control over data to comply with government mandated guidelines.
  • Protect the organization from data leaks or exfiltration in common areas, such as USB drives, printers, emails and the cloud.


  • Implement Forcepoint Data Loss Prevention (DLP).


  • Scale data protection across all channels for over 10,000 users.
  • Reduce false-positive alerts and isolate issues without impacting operations at large.
  • Extend data protection to hybrid and multi-cloud, web, email, endpoint, and network.
  • Leverage self-education and forensic analysis to create more efficiency within lean data security team.

The number of devices on the network of Fundação CASA has more than doubled in the past two years, with remote work tripling in that same time frame. The government organization needed to protect sensitive information from data leakage and exfiltration across all channels, including network, web, cloud, email, and endpoint. It deployed Forcepoint DLP to achieve this goal and immediately saw greater control over and visibility of its data, leading to a reduction in false-positive alerts.

A Growing Network and the Need for Data Control

The youth of São Paulo receive crucial support from the Fundação Centro de Atendimento Socio-educativo ao Adolescente (CASA).

The organization is an important member of its community, annually assisting nearly 20,000 people between the ages of 12 and 21 in finding alternative solutions to judiciary infractions.

In recent years, Fundação CASA has seen its employee base embrace remote work, with almost one-quarter of all users working hybrid. But enabling access from anywhere also came with a challenge: protecting data wherever it goes. The organization collects and stores participants’ healthcare, judiciary, and other sensitive records, and maintains that information even after they’ve left the program to comply with national legislation. It would need to shift its data security strategy from securing it on-site, to protecting it on the move.

Finding a Way to Protect Data Across All Channels

Julio Signorini, CIO of Fundação CASA, knew that having complete control and visibility over this data would be critical to protecting it.

Fundação CASA needed to be able to defend against data leakage or exfiltration whether it was sent via email or downloaded on a USB drive. This meant extending its data security across their cloud applications, the web, email, endpoint, and network.

After carefully considering all the leading Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions, Fundação CASA chose Forcepoint DLP. Signorini and team worked with Brasoftware, one of the largest IT integrators in Brazil, to implement it across the organization.

“Forcepoint DLP enables us to protect and monitor all our channels and to use predictive analytics to prevent a possible data security incident,”
 - Signorini

Preventing Data Loss and Improving Efficiency

Fundação CASA used Forcepoint DLP to map and classify its data to better control that data and improve the accuracy of the alerts it receives from monitoring user activity. Not only does this help the organization reduce false-positive alerts and avoid incidents, but it improves its data security analytics too.

“All the machine learning behind Forcepoint DLP is like a Swiss army knife for us because we have a lean data security team. The tool’s self-education pop-ups have also been very effective in guiding users throughout our organization.”
 - Signorini

Now, Fundação CASA can tightly monitor movement of data across all its channels on a unified platform and prevent leakage or exfiltration. Regardless of whether an employee uses the cloud or web to complete their work, the data they’re interacting with remains secure.

“Today we have a comprehensive overview of all the data stored and we are able to map our risk, since the information we have on adolescents is subject to legislation and we must treat it a specific way,”
 - Signorini

Moving forward, Fundação CASA is looking at ways to unify more of its security tools under one consolidated platform.

Fundação CASA

The Fundação Centro de Atendimento Socio-educativo ao Adolescente (CASA) de São Paulo is a government-funded foundation that provides services for children and adolescents under the age of 18, where they can serve judiciary infractions through the age of 21.